Sunday, October 08, 2006

Home Opened; Blogger Learns to Use Images

The other night I attended what is colloquially known as the "home opener," that being the inaugural Saddledome game of the regular season, wherein the Flames traditionally demolish their archrivals the Edmonton Losers. Er, Oilers. Sorry, I was temporarily confused there.

All proceeded according to plan, however even I as an outrageously biased partisan must admit that the boys seemed to carry the day mostly by accident. Something really must be done about the apparent overarching Flames strategy, which is as follows:

Upon gaining control of the puck, storm the offensive zone either alone or perhaps with the aid of an unoccupied defenseman, occasionally backed up by a couple of forwards who happen to look up from crushing their opposite numbers into the defensive corners. Retain control by sheer brute force into the offensive corner, scrum behind the net momentarily with whatever courageous defender feels like getting his nose broken at the moment, then centre the puck to ... hm. I would have sworn there was a red jersey in that mess somewhere. Ah well. Chase the puck back down the ice to where Kipper's already doing his job. Rinse, repeat.

Mayhap actually extending this strategy to "holding the zone" and "scoring a damned goal on purpose occasionally" might contribute to a more impressive outing against the Sharks on Monday? No?


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