Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Serious Health Warning

It having come to my attention that between 30-60% of my readership works in cancer research, I thought I should pass along the following wisdom, courtesy of last night's House.

You should be good little cancer researchers, because if you are an evil cancer researcher you will most likely contract an obscure protein-based wasting disease and drown agonizingly in your own blood plasma. Or, alternately, be murdered by a very pretty but also very self-righteous immunologist. Either way, bad, right?


At 9:33 PM, Blogger Jenn & Owen said...

Nope, maximum 50%, since 25% is a lawyer, and 25% is a band teacher.

At 10:23 PM, Blogger K. Donovan said...

See, that's why I gave a range.

At 5:07 PM, Anonymous digitalelf said...

More reader ship then me at any rate.

At 12:10 AM, Blogger Siochain said...

But it's more fun being an evil cancer researcher!! [kicks ground... scuffs shoe on gravel] I don't wanna be good! [pout] Besides, you don't get amyloidosis subtype AA from researching cancer... Rheumatic disease is the leading cause.
"The more you know."


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