Friday, September 15, 2006

On The Up Side

1) I like my job now. No, really. Also, I appear to be almost good at it. Who knew?

2) Apparently I won a nerd contest yesterday. Go figure.

On another front, I'm intrigued by how the "shuffler" on my non-iPod mp3 player seems to reflect my mood. If I'm already down it plays "If You Leave" or "Dont' Dream It's Over," while if I'm already up I get "Walking on Sunshine" or "Break My Stride." Of course I get "Bittersweet Sympony" either way. I really need to delete that damned song.


At 7:57 AM, Blogger Jenn & Owen said...

Yes. You really need to delete that song. Damn Verve. If I find those bastards, I'll set fire to their collective tiny head. (Did I mention that that was the last summer I worked at Winemaker, and the mandated radio station was the top 40 station, so I heard that song 1264 times a week all summer?


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