Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Seems Pleasant Enough

I started my new job at Bell Canada on Tuesday. Everyone seems reasonably pleasant, and the job itself seems like something I'll be good at once I get the lingo down. Basically I'm a troubleshooter / dispatch officer in a call centre, supporting phone and network service to such worthies as BMO and the DND. Plus a multitude of much piddlier customers, I'm sure.

The benefits are nice, the pay is good, it's within walking distance of my apartment, and the job security should be reasonable since the people keep getting filched away to better-paying IT positions. I suppose theoretically that might happen to me, too.

I will have to get used to getting up two hours earlier in order to be on time, though - by which I mean I'll have to start actually going to bed two hours earlier.

G'night, folks.


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