Sunday, July 23, 2006

Further Evidence

We all know the world isn't perfect. But I've thought for a long time that it's actually even more messed up than it, you know, OUGHT to be. There is literally no justice.

For example, Marlon Wayans (yeah, I'm not linking him, suck it up) has a major motion picture in worldwide release, making millions of dollars, instead of, say, being buried up to his neck in sand and set on by fire ants. Meanwhile Sarah Silverman (I learned a lot from that article. For instance, did you know there's a "Heeb" magazine?) scrapes by making pilots for TV shows that are invariably cancelled immediately, instad of being a star on the order of Nicole Kidman or Uma Thurman and being blissfully married to, say, me.

Seriously, though. Sarah. If you're reading this. And you should, it's important. You're about one-one-millionth as successful as a sexy, funny actress such as yourself ought to be. You need a new agent or something. Or maybe just wax your mustache a little more carefully. Whatever.


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