Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Slowly But Surely

My building continues to approach the ultimate in surreality.

Today's evidence: a divan (I hesitate to call it a couch... couches have TWO arms, right?), on end, pillows piled atop it, on the fourth floor landing. It was there when I went to work and I thought "oh, some new tenants have taken a break from moving in and left their divan here in the stairwell."

No. It was still there when I got back. Someone has ABANDONED a divan in the stairwell. I can't imagine why, especially since the elevator has been working perfectly for weeks.

If I knew of a cheap way to check furniture for hepatitis I'd appropriate it in place of my uncomfortable futon. But then I'd have to pile the pieces of my disassembled futon in the stairwell, and, well, somebody might trip and then I'd feel bad.


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