Monday, January 19, 2009

Only One More Sleep, Keith

There's an ongoing battle in my brain between my eagerness for the Bush Administration to be over and my desperate hope that once he's inaugurated, the media will stop drooling all over Barack Obama.

Seriously, I think if I see that picture of him looking inspiringly into the middle distance at what I can only assume is the Hope of Our Generation one more time I will be physically sick.

Also, Dick Cheney hurt his back moving out of the Observatory. Hehehehe.

Edit, 10am Jan 20:

Okay, that was sort of harsh... of course Obama's better than the alternative. I'm just annoyed at how the press has been acting in the runup to the inaugural. At this point, given the buildup, if Obama doesn't sweep away all the world's ills, teach us all to believe again, and then suffer and die for our sins he'll have underperformed.