Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Neverending, I Say

So yeah. In my neverending search for cognitive dissonance, I decided to spend my evening watching the Flames utterly fall apart defensively in the *LAST* five minutes of a hockey game for a change (this doesn't do quite so well for them as it does in the first five, it turns out).

That didn't satisfy, so I followed it up by pairing Juno with AvP: Requiem.

Whoo. Dissonance ahoy.

I must confess to a certain discomfiture with Juno, not so much because of the too-smart dialogue that every reviewer complains about as because I saw a little too much of myself in "Mark," who is kind of a dick.

Man, I really need to get back on the flippant and shallow path here.

Quick edit to add:

Oh yeah, and AvP is pretty bad. But you probably knew that.


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