Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So I Realized Today...

that although my blog is punnishly named for a trading card, and I promise in my description to rant about card games, that I have steadfastly failed to do so.

If you were feeling let down by that, you have an option. This guy rants about card games (well, one in particular) much more effectively and regularly than I pretend to. He's an arrogant jerk who blames all his failures on his opponent's lucksackery (and though the art is far better, his jokes and his characterization are never as good as the ones at UGM) but then, who in the world of Magic: the Gathering isn't? He sort of reminds me of an even-more-narrowly-targeted Mike Krahulik. Maybe a little less foul-mouthed. I guess what he needs most is his very own Jerry Holkins.

In fairness, the Ripple thing he's talking about is, in fact, incredibly lame, especially in light of the ten (!) brilliant keyword mechanics that the boys at Wizards squeezed into the preceding block. Which is not to mention the avalanche of extra mechanical stuff that was folded into Ravnica - magemarks, nephilim, "enhanced" monocolored spells, guild mana, the whole guild system, and all immersed in a gloriously compelling setting. I mean, seriously. Compare the stunning, infinite city of Ravnica to the upcoming Coldsnap. "Ooh, it's rather chilly today, eh, Lars?" Yeesh. I think we're in for another Mercadian Masques, here, folks.

There. Was that geeky enough for y'all?


At 12:11 AM, Blogger Siochain said...

Have a good week.
I'm going to look for ninja stars whilst I'm in TO. Do you want anything? Bagels from Montreal? A camel? Let me know.
Take care, and we'll go climbing when I return. OH! WHAT CLIMBING THERE WILL BE!


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